Spaghetti Garlic, Oil and Chilly pepper

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Spaghetti Garlic, Oil and Chilly pepper is prepared in a few minutes! It's a classic recipe as easy to make as it is always appreciated by everyone. It is ideal to prepare when you have unexpected diners at home or when you do not want to stay at the stove, but do not want to give up a tasty dish rich in quality ingredients.

Penne with arrabbiata sauce

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Penne with arrabbiata sauce is a typical dish of Rome, spread throughout Lazio. This region gives us a dish that has now become part of the culinary culture of the entire Italy. Penne with arrabbiata sauce is a specialty prepared with a few simple ingredients, but with a strong flavor, made with a sauce of tomatoes sautéed in garlic and chili pepper.

Calamarata with Amatriciana sauce

2020-11-10T17:13:40-05:00November 6, 2020|

Calamarata with Amatriciana sauce are a tasty first course, easy and quick to prepare. Originally from the town of Amatrice, in Lazio, is the version prepared with pasta in short format, the original one uses spaghetti instead. Calamarata with Amatriciana sauce are a poor traditional dish whose main ingredients are pork cheek and cherry tomatoes.

Black Squid ink Spaghetti with Seafood

2020-11-10T16:56:31-05:00November 6, 2020|

Black Squid ink Spaghetti with Seafood are a typical dish that can be tasted in Italian marine areas, such as the coasts of Sicily and Calabria. Their taste is really intense and very strong, seafood when fresh is really a pleasure for fish lovers, exalted even more by the addition of this sought after ingredient, the squid ink.

Artisanal Cavatelli with Sausage Ragu

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Artisanal Cavatelli with Sausage Ragu is a truly exceptional first course, which makes those who propose it happy because in a single stroke you have first and second but also makes happy those who eat it because it is really good. The recipe is really simple and is perfect for a Sunday with the family.

Spaghetti Carbonara

2020-11-10T16:53:29-05:00October 31, 2020|

Spaghetti alla Carbonara is a typical dish of Roman cuisine. A simple dish, tasty and quick to prepare, a first course that despite having a recent history, has conquered the whole world. According to one of the most reliable hypothesis, the Carbonara was born in 44, during the Allied liberation, when a Roman cook created the dish using the ingredients available to American soldiers.

Meatless balls with Bread, Eggs & cheese

2020-11-10T16:53:39-05:00October 31, 2020|

Meatless balls made with Bread, Eggs & pecorino cheese are a typical Molise specialty, a sort of meatballs but without meat, prepared with eggs, bread and other ingredients. The predominant flavor in this delicious recipe is that of pecorino cheese, which can be replaced by Parmesan cheese.

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