Spighe Molisane Artisanal Pasta Company
Spighe Molisane Artisanal Pasta Company

The pasta factory ‘Pastificio Spighe Molisane’, thanks to a completely artisan manufacturing process, realized this goal. It was born thanks to Michele Petraglione and Vincenza Miele’s action, based on a simple premise: love of the land and preservation of traditions. They decided to create a unique craft product, characterized by the highest quality, which led to the creation of ‘Spighe Molisane’ past – the quality and fantasy in the kitchen.

Raw material: Durum wheat, spring water and fresh mountain air are combined together by expert hands to produce this pasta. Having a low calcium content; the water is distributed evenly, allowing the formation of gluten, causing the pasta to remain al dente and not stick together on the plate. The clear and fresh air of our mountains, linked to the ancient scent of a still uncontaminated land, gives wheat and, therefore, to the finished product, the unmistakable flavour of homemade pasta, as the one prepared in the past. The water comes from the cool mountains of this land. It is clear and crystalline.

Manufacturing: Durum wheat semolina, extracted from the heart of wheat grain, presents itself in all its splendour, with its golden-yellow colour. It is expertly kneaded by skilled makers of pasta, who control step by step the manufacturing stage. Its characteristic colour derives from the brightness of the sun absorbed by wheat and is given to semolina.

Drying: The fresh product is produced and instantly packaged in a sterile environment, while the dry product is dried at very low temperatures and for long periods of time, so that pasta keeps intact all its organoleptic and nutritional properties. Specific standards of drying: an average temperature of 45°, a gradual drying stage – in special drying chambers, where pasta is stretched on special looms – which lasts at least 2-3 days, in order to preserve starch in the product, an essential element for protecting our intestine.

All these qualities are found in the flavour of these products, which is immediately perceived by careful consumers, at first tasting; and also in the cooking time of pasta: much higher than the average of the pastas on the market.

  • Spighe Molisane Owners with Chef Marcello Russodivito
  • Kneader, Spighe Molisane
  • Dough, Spighe Molisane


Sapori Antichi Muraca Calabia Company
Sapori Antichi Muraca Calabia Company

For us, the company Sapori Antichi in Cicala , producing quality is a family tradition that has been handed down since 1992. These are the years in which Giacomo Muraca and his wife Ivana decide to turn all the love for their land into an entrepreneurial reality. origin, Calabria, for its precious fruits and for the local tradition.

A project articulated and reinforced from generation to generation through the enthusiasm and creativity of all the members of the Muraca family who for millennia have transformed their products into specialties with a unique and unmistakable taste.

Thanks to the experience gained and the inherited skills, we of the Antichi Sapori company are able to transform the precious raw materials we have into unique products. Furthermore, to guarantee consumers the highest quality, we follow all the production phases, from the farm to the table, implementing the most reliable and modern methods of food safety control and traceability; values ​​that have allowed us to successfully propose our lines on the national and international market. To do this, we use an efficient and widespread commercial network able to supply small and large retailers.

  • Muraca Family, Sapori Antichi
  • Muraca Family with Chef Marcello Russodivito, Sapori Antichi
  • Oregano Field, Sapori Antichi
  • Tomato Box, Sapori Antichi


Tradizioni Biologiche Molise Organic Company Logo
Tradizioni Biologiche Molise Organic Company Logo

The Martino Company was founded in 1904, extends in 92 hectares of hilly area organic farming is favored by nature for the absence of any external cause of pollution and the necessary gentle and constant ventilation.

The passion of the owner, the renunciation of a greater production and the policy of maximum respect for nature, pursued through the minimum and indispensable use of organic products, among these are also products prepared in the farm itself, obtained by mixing garlic and chilli, nettle and bicarbonate, to protect the environment and the health of plants. Obviously the same canons of defense and care are reserved for each adopted cultivation – orchards, vegetables, fruits -, so as to preserve the fertility of the soil. This explains the goodness and fragrance of the products, enhanced by the forgotten flavors and fragrances.

  • Tradizioni Biologiche Owners
  • Tradizioni Biologiche Owners with Chef Marcello Russodivito
  • Kneader, Tradizioni Biologiche
  • Cherry Tomatos, Tradizioni Biologiche


Le Marsicane Organic Olive Oil Company
Le Marsicane Organic Olive Oil Company

The love for good things, the search for excellence in materials, but above all the passion, have been the guide in the foundation of this company, oasis of pleasure and hospitality: four hectares of land on the slopes of a hill, surrounded by the beauty of ancient olive trees and plants of all kinds, fruit trees, vegetables, spices and smells that make this place a place of choice for lovers of the gems of the earth and intense and authentic flavors.

The Ortice trees on which the olives of this excellent oil grow are very old, some of them are as old as 400 years and are grown in free pots at 400 meters above sea level on a clayey-marly soil beautifully pampered by the sun and overlooking the valley of the river Tammaro.

  • Romero Caraccio and Agata Parisella near Olive Tree, Le Marsicane
  • Chef Marcello with Romero Caraccio near Olive Tree, Le Marsicane
  • Olive Tree with Ortice Olive, Le Marsicane


Terresacre Italian Wine Of Molise
Terresacre Italian Wine Of Molise

Terresacre’s olive trees live on more than 25 hectares land, kissed by the sun and mitigated by the breeze of Adriatic sea. They have roots in the wonderful hills of Montenero countryside and give tasty fruits, that allow the production of an high quality extra virgin olive oil.

The oil-making culture is based on tradition, experience, passion, and the will to obtain excellent flavours.

The oil produced by our mills is the result of careful care, genuine love for the land and its treasures and an ‘experience of growing, harvesting and milling passed down for generations.

Achieving now a place of honor among the oil products quality, brings to the table the flavor and the wisdom of tradition, which is flanked by modern processes in line with the need for a genuine, rich flavor and intense.

  • Winery, Terresacre
  • Chef Marcello Russodivito with American Tourists at Balcony, Terresacre
  • Winery Barrels, Terresacre
  • Grapes, Terresacre
  • Restaurant, Terresacre