Vegetables in oil

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  • Special flavour for this variety of black olive, dried in oven and then spiced. Ideal as a appetizers.
  • The tastiness and freshness of these artichokes with stems, preserved in sunflower seeds oil, will make your meals perfect and delicious.
  • Delicious peppers cut into strips, grilled and placed in oil and vinegar for 24 hours to be more delicate. The preparation preserve all sweetness and the flavor of the fresh peppers. Excellent for a pleasant appetizer or side dish together with meat courses.
  • A delicious mix of bottom mushrooms, Chiodini mushrooms and moss mushrooms in sunflower seeds oil. Perfect Italian selection for appetizers or to be served with bruschetta bread.
  • A typical Apulian product that arrives on your table directly from the south of Italy, with a genuine taste and with the freshness of a freshly picked vegetable.
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