The Story of My 25 Years as Chef-Owner

The Story of My 25 Years as Chef-Owner


Marcello Russodivito – The Story of My 25 Years as Chef-Owner – A Book of Recipes, Photos, Stories & Lots of Love



After twenty-five years as a chef and restaurant owner in the New York metropolitan area, this year we celebrate our successes and look back on the chances we took to get to where we are today.
As 2011 approached, I wondered what I could possibly do to commemorate the more than two decades I have spent cooking and developing relationships with local communities. The only way to truly show what these years have meant to me was to put my experiences down on paper and share them.
In this book, we have created a way for customers and friends to take a look into the kitchen with me and discover my favorite recipes and the decisions I have made behind the scenes. This book features stories of my business adventures, my 25 favorite recipes, and 25 classic recipes from my past cookbook.
Continuing on the theme of 25, we have also gathered my 25 favorite restaurants in Italy, 25 top Italian restaurants and 25 favorite restaurants in New York City. Also included are 25 links of tips for food, wine, and traveling in Italy.
Last but not least, in this book you find Italian translations of all content so that it can be enjoyed by friends and family in Italy, as well!

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