Marcello’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Presentation

Chef Marcello Extra virgin olive oil has been carefully selected from Marcello’s friends who own Artisanal farms near his native region of Molise


Terresacre’s olive trees live on more than 25 hectares land, kissed by the sun and mitigated by the breeze of Adriatic sea. They have roots in the wonderful hills of Montenero countryside and give tasty fruits, that allow the production of an high quality extra virgin olive oil.The oil-making culture is based on tradition, experience, passion, and the will to obtain excellent flavours.The oil produced by our mills is the result of careful care, genuine love for the land and its treasures and an ‘experience of growing, harvesting and milling passed down for generations.Achieving now a place of honor among the oil products quality, brings to the table the flavor and the wisdom of tradition, which is flanked by modern processes in line with the need for a genuine, rich flavor and intense.


Bold, spicy and bitter! This is a perfect olive oil for meat, tuna, salmon and grilled vegetables exclusively produced at Le Marsicane biological farm in Italy. This exquisite oil is produced from the Ortice tree which is know for its longevity; some trees reach 400 years and are vase shaped. The oil has an attractive golden color with bright green reflections. Authoritative and elegant on the palate…this oil rules! You haven’t tasted anything like it before, t’s a must for an inquisitive and experienced palate.