About Tomato Puree


The company Sapori Antichi in Cicala producing quality is a family tradition that has been handed down since 1992. These are the years in which Giacomo Muraca and his wife Ivana decide to turn all the love for their land into an entrepreneurial reality. origin, Calabria, for its precious fruits and for the local tradition.


Experience the versatility of Chef Marcello’s Pure Tomato Passata (Purée). This basic and pure tomato purée is made from the finest Italian tomatoes with a pinch of sea salt. That’s it! But the quality of the tomato is what really brings out the flavors in any ingredient you desire to enjoy it with. And the fact that the tomato purée has no added spices, fats or sugars, just basic tomato in its purest form, allows even those with specialty diets to enjoy true delicious flavor without the added “extras” necessarily needed for flavor.